Pledged to Pray Daily for America

... and to honor God at home, in public, and with my vote, as so challenged by Franklin Graham at the Decision America Tour

I attended the event when Decision America came to my capital city, Columbia, SC, 02/09/16. And as I pledged, so I challenge you, reader of this post, to join me in praying for our nation. Please, go social media with this post, so indicating that you, too, have accepted the challenge to pray for our nation.

If Decision America has not yet come to your capital city, I urge you, if at all possible, to attend the event when the Tour does arrive in your state. (Check the dates, and more, at Decision America Tour.)

The mission of the Decision America Tour“Because Jesus Christ is the only hope for America (1 Corinthians 3:11), we call our nation to God and pray for His forgiveness and blessing (2 Chronicles 7:14) and for the liberty and freedom to continue to proclaim His Name until He returns (2 Corinthians 4:5). Will you stand with us in fervent prayer for our nation?”—Franklin Graham

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