My Messed Up "Good" Life: Part 2

In Search of a Surer Path

I was much into television in my youth. Perhaps as Linus of Peanuts’ fame has his “security blanket,” TV viewing was mine.

 Looking back now, however, reviewing my life, I think I was simply going along with the crowd, in the “good” sort of way, as if that was the way life was to be—television and everything else, that what makes for the “good” life—to keep my life free of “clumps or uneven clods”[1].

Perhaps the farthest I strayed from my upbringing was choosing to stay home from church on Sunday evenings. My parents permitted my second brother and myself that option, mindful to finish our school homework assignments. But once that was done, on came the television. Yes, we had our favorite TV programs even on Sundays.

We did go to church occasionally on Sunday evenings, for one when there was some special service—i.e. Revival Meetings, as such were called. At the close of one such meeting I observed my oldest brother responding to an “altar call.”  Afterwards church activities for him took on a new meaning, he even leading young peoples’ meetings occasionally.

For myself, as I remember, perhaps it was then in attending those Revival Meetings when I heard sermons of the world coming to an end. Hearing such sermons, my young mind could not imagine such a thing—the world coming to an end? Hmm, what would happen to all the tall buildings, the trees, and all such stuff of the temporal physical realm that makes for the “good” life? And so mygood” life continued on— perhaps in search of a surer path—until the time when I realized that such a good life doesn’t make one good before God. (See Romans 3:9-23)

After high school I joined the Air Force, and relocated to Lackland AFB, Texas. But because of my introverted personality perhaps, I was set back to an earlier flight in basic training. However, due to a meningitis epidemic having broken out in my original flight, I was returned to that flight. Yet because of that incident I had missed going through the obstacle course and the firing range. A God-doing?

Finally, basic training finished then came tech school. Initially I was assigned to learn to be a policeman. But I didn’t finish that school either, perhaps again because of my introverted personality. In the Air Force I so remained, however; God had His purpose for keeping me in the military

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