My Messed Up "Good" Life: Part 4

Realizing the Truer Reality

Then, on to Bible College, which brought me to Columbia, South Carolina, but not immediately. I remained in Florida for about another couple of years after my military active duty. And because of my military service my means through Bible College was taken care of. Hence, my coming to Bible College was perhaps God’s purpose for keeping me in the military.

God privileged me with the opportunity to take in an Urbana conference during the Christmas break of my Bible College junior year. Recalling my own Urbana experience via virtual attendance in later years, I realized the significance of Urbana in students’ lives, and refreshed mine as well, toward Christ’s global cause (See Matthew 28:19-29; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; John 20:20-21; Acts 1:8)

During a chapel message one day at Bible College, God challenged me from a message on the book of Jonah. Since then Jonah has become an important Bible character to me, as is Moses. Every time upon hearing a message from the book of Jonah, I’m “all ears,” I simply asking myself, “Have I been a ‘Jonah’ as one reluctant to go?”

Through the years since Bible College it has been my desire to share Jesus; more and more these days so speaking that “matchless name” is the one thing of utmost importance—nothing else matters.

Touring through the city about my delivery job that God provided for me after Bible College, at viewing faces my mind a-wondering if those people know Jesus. Still, such wondering occurs, even today.

Making a delivery to an office one afternoon a sign posted on a wall there caught my observation. Impressing me so, for some reason, I gave it a second notice. Although in and out of that office in a minute or so, for whatever reason, even through the passing of time, my mind had never forgotten what that sign read:

“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea will never 
return to its original dimension.”

My Google search found that to be a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes. For me almost immediately at viewing that sign I was impressed with perhaps an applicatory thought: my mind, my life, having been stretched to the things of God—the truer reality—how can I, or why would I desire so to return to things of the purely earthly realm?

About nine years after Bible College I answered the call to “go West young man.” But that was not the familiar call of those early “pioneer” days of the westward movement, but a call from God. And so off to Pasadena, California I went. There I worked for a Christian mission organization for 15 years. 

Those years were most pleasurable for the opportunity as an aid in developing my writing skills as a staff writer for the Global Prayer Digest. Although on little support, I continued at that position for about five years. God then provided a paid position essentially with that same organization, but a different role. I continued at that position for ten years. After consideration, believing to be God’s will, I moved back East. God provided work via a temp service, which later had become that full time employment that continued for about eight years[1]. Then, I was “let go”.

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