Journey Into Reality

A fictional tale of a young entrepreneur learning to respond to trials not with an "Oh my!" but a "Be glad!”—To "count it all joy" when facing trials encountered along life’s journey.

Tossed and Whirled Around

A young entrepreneur (simply identified in this tale as "Y.E.") awakened and startled, only to find him caught up in a whirlwind. Being tossed about and whirled around, suddenly the whole house landed with a thump. "Ooh!" Y.E. gasped at the sudden drop.
Y.E. slowly opened the front door, at first fearfully peeking out through it slightly ajar; a blinding brightness beamed through. Y.E. then opened wide the door, his mouth agape at viewing a brilliant display of colors everywhere, colorful flowers, too, blooming all about. A score of tiny people danced toward the house, singing as in celebration… Continue reading at

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