Exemplary Employed

Summary: That evening young Ernie recalled the events of the day; how blessed he'd been meeting that ancient airman, causing a moment’s pause along his way, challenging him toward a more exemplary employment.


Stopped on a Stroll

Strolling down Main Street one cool autumn day, one fine young man and earnest (Ernie we shall call him here in this story of fiction illustrating a biblical truth). His hands tucked in his pockets, head hanging low, he was out of a job, just spending his time, hanging around town, not earning a dime.

Coming upon a corner, he spied an ancient military man sitting there in a chair. By his gray hair and wrinkled features so Ernie could tell, an airman Ernie had also perceived by his uniform catching Ernie’s stare.

Reaching out, that ancient airman grasped Ernie’s arm, pulling Ernie aside, “Do you have time, Sir,” the ancient airman said, his voice cracking, and “do you care to give some attention to hear my story?”

Having no other option, Ernie being held there in that ancient airman’s grasp, holding him fast. Ernie stopped and listened to this ancient airman’s tale of his past. Their eyes held fast in a stare, the ancient airman began his story, pleased that apparently, Ernie was in no hurry… click here to continue @ Hub Pages

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